FAQ's About the 2016 Run to Home Base

Q: When does registration open and close?

A: Registration is open as of November 10, 2015. Registration will close when a maximum of 4,000 runners and/or walkers have made the minimum fundraising commitment required to be part of the Run to Home Base Presented by New Balance or on the morning of the event, whichever is first.

If you register after Monday, July 18 at 5pm ET, the minimum fundraising commitment is due at registration.

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Q: What is the fundraising minimum?

A: Participants in the Run and Walk portions of the event, who register before January 1, 2016 are subject to a fundraising minimum of $750; between January 1 and July 23, 2016 are subject to a fundraising minimum of $1,000. All Kids (under 14), are subject to a fundraising minimum of $125. We encourage you to fundraise beyond the minimum and increase your support of our heroic Veterans who will be served by Home Base.

If you register after Monday, July 18 at 5pm ET, the minimum fundraising commitment of $1,000 is due at registration.

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Q: What if I don’t reach the fundraising minimum? Will my space be forfeited?

A: Registration is limited and you must agree to raise or donate the fundraising minimum to participate in the Run to Home Base Presented by New Balance. The only exceptions will be 500 actively serving military allowed to participate in the event.  No other exceptions to the fundraising requirement will be allowed. The website contains some fundraising ideas and a sample fundraising letter to help you in your fundraising efforts to meet the fundraising minimum. In the event that you do not raise your fundraising minimum, your credit card will be charged the difference between the minimum and the funds that you have raised as of July 18, 2016. Once you register to participate and agree to the fundraising minimum, your spot is secured. However, if there is a problem with payment for the balance due at the fundraising deadline of July 18, 2016, your spot will be forfeited and you will not be allowed to participate. All donations are non-refundable.

If you register after Monday, July 18 at 5pm ET, the minimum fundraising commitment is due at registration.

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Q: How do I create a team?

A:You can create a public team at the time of registration or through the website once you have registered and created your individual fundraising profile.

Option 1 – Create Public Team through Registration

  • To create a team, register as a runner, walker or virtual runner
  • When prompted to create a fundraising profile, select Create fundraising team option
  • Create a new team

Option 2 – Create Public or Private Team through the Portal

  • To create a team, click “Login” and enter your fundraising profile credentials (email used to register and password created on step 3). 
  • Click on the "Fundraising" tab
  • Click “Create a Team”
  • Select if this team is public or private

Option 3 - Inviting friends and family to join a Private Team

  • Login to your fundraising user portal
  • Click on the "Fundraising" tab
  • Under the Actions section for "My Team Fundraising Campaigns", select the "Invite Friends & Family" action.
  • Select the "Fundraising Team Invitation Email - PRIVATE TEAMS" email template, this includes instructions on how to specifically join your private team
  • Create your message and enter the recipients that you would like to send the invite to, and click the Send Email button

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Q: How do I join a team?

A:You can join a public team at the time of registration or through the website once you have registered and created your individual fundraising profile.

Option 1 - Sign up through Registration

  • To join a team, or register as a runner or walker
  • When prompted to create a fundraising profile, select Join or Create fundraising team option
  • Search for your team or Create a new team

Option 2 - Sign up through the Portal

  • To join a team, click “Login” and enter your fundraising profile credentials (email used to register and password created on step 3). 
  • Click “Join a Team”
  • Search for the team you would like to join, then click “Join My Team”

Option 3 - Search for a Team

  • Search for the team you would like to Join
  • If this team is public, click “Join My Team”
  • You will then be prompted to login to your fundraising account.
  • If you are not a registered fundraiser you will be directed to registration to sign up.

Option 4 – Join a Private Team

  • Register and create your individual fundraising profile
  • Open the invite email from your fundraising team captain and click on the link
  • You will then be prompted to login to your fundraising account

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Q: May I register someone else for the Race?

A: All participants must register themselves. Each race entrant must personally read and agree to a liability waiver and the required fundraising commitment.  Children between the ages of 14-18 registering to run in the event must be able to provide verbal parental consent upon request.  Children under 14 can participate IN THE WALK PORTION ONLY of the event. Children under 14 participating in the WALK TO HOME BASE will be required to donate or raise just $125. 

They must also:
1. Be accompanied by an adult who commits to the full fundraising per person requirement
2. Have parent or guardians written permission on the required waiver
3. The $125 Children’s Fee must be paid before July 18, 2016 (deadline for all participants).   

Due to safety reasons, we regret that under no circumstances will children under 14 be allowed to enter the Run portion of the event.  Those 14 years old and over may participate in either the Run or Walk and they are required to meet the minimum fundraising/payment before July 18, 2016.

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Q:  Are there different fundraising requirements for children under 14?

A:  Yes, children under 14 are required to raise a minimum of $125 to participate. Runners must be 14 or older.

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Q:  Are Children under 14 allowed to enter the event? And if so, are there different fundraising requirements for children under 14 entering the WALK to Home Base ?

A:  Yes, Children from age 6 to 13 may enter the WALK ONLY portion of the event for just $125. And children under 6 may accompany a parent or guardian fundraiser participating in the walk for free. However children 13 and under may enter the WALK ONLY under all of the following rules of the event:

A) A parent or guardian must sign a permission slip specifying the identity of the accompanying adult responsible in Part B below and a safety waiver in advance before a child can be registered to enter the Walk.

B) Children participating in the Walk must be accompanied by the adult over the age of 21 who is participating in the WALK at the minimum fundraising commitment specified in Part A above.

C) We encourage children age 6 to 13 to participate in fundraising for their Walk as determined appropriate by their parent of guardian.
However, a Parent or Guardian must supply their credit card and guarantee payment of $125 plus the $25 registration fee upon registration so payment of this fundraising commitment is assured by the fundraising deadline that applies by July 18, 2016.

D) Children under the age 6 may accompany their fundraising parent/guardian or accompanying designated adult in a stroller or baby carrier. However strollers are not allowed on the warning track or field at Fenway. Strollers will need be parked before entering the field area, and children will walk or be carried for the last small segment of the walk on the warning track and across home base. Event organizers will have system for checking and collecting strollers to make this a fun family event and as convenient as possible while guaranteeing public safety and protecting the warning track and field.

E) To ensure proper adult supervision and safety of all children participating, we ask each fundraising parent or guardian walker to accompany a maximum of 5 children. If you wish to register additional children, additional adult fundraising walker or walkers will need to register.

F) For safety reasons, Children under the age 14 may not enter the Run under any circumstances.

G) Because the whole goal of this event is to fundraise for services needed to serve Service Members, Post-9/11 Veterans and their Families hear from the Invisible Wounds of War, those 14 or over who wish to enter the Run or Walk to Home Base must commit to pay or fundraise the minimum requirement under the adult rules as specified.

H) Please note: Children age 14 through 18 entering the Walk or Run also require all of the following: advance parental permission, a parent or guardians signed waiver and credit card guarantee.

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Q: What is the Run to Home Base Expo?

A: The Run to Home Base Expo at Fenway Park will feature sponsor booths, products and services, family activities, and entertainment. The pre- and post-race event is designed to enhance your race experience, provide information and a fun atmosphere for your guests who watch you cross the finish line of Fenway’s famous home plate. Concession stands will be open before and during the event.

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Q: How can I add a picture to my fundraising profile?

A: View step by step instructions with screenshots here

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Q: How do I pick up my t-shirt & bib?

A: After registration and fulfilling the fundraising commitment, you will be assigned a bib number. You will receive your bib number, t-shirt and hat at packet pick-up. Bib and T-shirt pick-up times and locations to be determined and announced in coming months, but you will be able to pick up your race bib in advance of the Run.

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Q: Do I have to wear my bib and run jersey?

A: You may wear any jersey you wish but all Run and Walk participants must wear an official bib and number. If you do not do so, you may be asked by security to leave the course.

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Q: Where do runners get their timing device?

A: For the Run only, we will be using a timing system that utilizes a disposable timing tag that is attached to your bib number. It eliminates the need to return the timing chips at the end of the race, and also eliminates lost timing chip fees. Walkers will receive a bib but will not receive a timing tag and will not be timed.

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Q: I am interested in donating but not sure how much to give?

A: All contributions are tax deductible and will make a difference in the lives of the men and women who have sacrificed so much to serve to our nation. There is no donation too big or small – all gifts are greatly appreciated and support Home Base. To donate via credit card, a minimum donation of $10 is required. Donations of amounts smaller than $10 may be made via check and mailed to:  The Red Sox Foundation and MGH Home Base, 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215. If your donation is in support of a specific Runner or Walker, please include their full name on notation on check.

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Q: Will donors receive tax documentations for their donation?

A: Donors who make an online donation will automatically receive an email acknowledging their tax deductable donation for their records. Donors who send in a check will receive a letter acknowledging their donation within 10 business days. If someone gives you cash, you may place the sum towards your Run or Walk, however we cannot offer a tax receipt and the team charity did not receive those proceeds directly.

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Q: If I made a mistake making my donation, how can I fix it?

A: PLEASE DO NOT PRESS THE DONATE BUTTON MORE THAN ONCE! If you experience any problems with your donation, please immediately send an email to runtohomebase@redsox.com with a detailed message including a description of the problem encountered and your contact information. Please include both a cell phone number and email address so that we may contact you efficiently.

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Q: Are there restroom facilities at the race location?

A: Yes, men’s and women’s restrooms are located in Fenway Park and portable toilets will be available along the course.

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Q: Will water be available during the race?

A: Yes, there will be water stations located along the route and more at the finish line.

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Q: Must individual entrants participate in teams and race together?

A: No, teams are not required to enter the event. Most runners and walkers will participate as individuals. However, some find it more fun to participate as a team and to challenge each other and other teams to raise the most money. There are two kinds of teams: Public Teams, open to anyone who wishes to can meet the fundraising requirement, and Private Teams for groups that have specific members by invite only (i.e. specific company employees).

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Q: How can I get to the race site?

A: The start and finish of the race is at Fenway Park located at Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215. Entrance will be at Gate B only at the corner of Van Ness and Ipswich Streets.

For public transportation, take the B, C or D Green Lines to Kenmore Square and follow signs. Visit mbta.com for complete public transportation information. Parking near Fenway Park is limited and expensive so we encourage you to take public transportation whenever possible, or carpool with friends.

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Q: Is parking available at the race location?

A: Parking is extremely limited – specific lots will be open until 1pm on race day for $10. Pre-paid tickets ($10) for the parking lots will be available for purchase at packet pick-up. We strongly encourage pre-paid parking for all participants not using public transit to get to the event.

Brookline Lot – 73 Brookline Avenue
Swan Lot – 189 Ipswich Street

All participants are responsible for their own parking costs. Due to road closures with the event, we strongly encourage speto use public transportation.

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Q: How can I find a runner’s\walker's personal web page?

A: Visit www.runtohomebase.org and click on “Donate to a Participant”. This will take you to the “Participant Search and Donate” page where you can find the person you are looking for and make a donation to support them.

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Q: Can my family and friends come down to the field when I cross home plate?

A: Due to the need to protect the field, friends and family will not be allowed on the field, but will be able to cheer you on and take photos from the stands in Fenway Park.

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Q: Are baby strollers allowed on the race route?

A: To ensure the safety of all participants, we CANNOT allow baby strollers, carriages, scooters or other such items during the Run.  Registered Walkers may have a baby stroller; however, walkers with a stroller must begin at the back of the walking participants to ensure the safety of all participants. Strollers will not be allowed onto the warning track. As a result, strollers must be left with a family member at the end of the walk prior to entering the field onto the warning track to cross home plate.

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Q: Can I bring my dog to the race?

A: No, we love pets but cannot accommodate them at the event. The only exception is for required service dogs with proper credentialing.

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Q: Can I wear headphones during the race?

A: For safety, headphones are discouraged at the race.

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Q: Can I rollerblade/roller skate/bike in the race?

A: No, rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, scooters and bikes are not allowed anywhere on the course or at Fenway Park due to safety concerns.

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Q: What is the Red Sox Foundation’s Nonprofit Tax ID?

A: The Red Sox Foundation is an IRS approved 501c3 nonprofit charity. Please note that the Red Sox Foundation’s 501c3 nonprofit tax ID # is 33-1007984.

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Q:  How are the fundraising monies used by Home Base?

A: Since its inception, Home Base has been dedicated to healing the invisible wounds of war for Service Members, Post-9/11 Veterans and their Families through clinical care, wellness, education and research. Services provided in our Home Base Clinic include mental health clinical care; physical, medicine and rehabilitation; and counseling support to Family Members.  Our multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation clinicians, social workers, case managers and veteran outreach members provide an individual treatment plan, in a confidential setting, regardless of the Veteran or Family Member's ability to pay. 

In addition, Home Base has reached thousands of other care providers (primary care physicians, pediatricians, clergy, school nurses and educators) via conferences, tool kits and presentations to make them aware of these Invisible Wounds of War and how they can best support our Veterans, Family Members and military-connected children to ensure they get the care and support they need.  
Home Base also has a number of research studies underway among veterans and family members to further our understanding and treatment of conditions like post traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

Finally, Home Base is serving as a model for similar partnerships throughout the country between academic medical centers and other Major League Baseball teams. 

All net proceeds from the Run-Walk to Home Base are used to fund the services and activities outlined above.  The Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital donate all of the staff time involved in the Run to keep expenses very low so that nearly 95% of all monies generated by the Run directly benefit Home Base.

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