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On May 2nd 2011 a stranger tried to take my life. It was a strange day; there were no children on the streets of Sangin Afghanistan like there usually was. The sun shined bright and we stepped off on another patrol like we did every day. Little did we know today would be unlike the first few months of our deployment. A few hours into patrol two military-aged Afghan males rode through our patrol on a motorcycle and right to the front where I was walking point with a metal detector searching for IEDs on our path. To this day the look on the man's face just before setting off his suicide vest visits me when I close my eyes. The shockwave traveled through us all as ball bearings ricocheted off the mud packed compound walls that surrounded the alleyway. Again, on June 30th 2011, my will would be tested. Two fellow Marines detonated IEDs within 15 feet of me. I felt the massive force of the blast rip through me as I struggled to maintain my balance. We lost Sgt. Frokjer that day, and LCPL Childers was being carried away on the same helicopter from his injuries. 

It wasn't until returning home from deployment that I realized I had received wounds from those blasts that would alter the course of my life forever. Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury can be hard. I was blessed when I came home to have the opportunity to receive care thanks to the people of the Home Base Program. Thanks to their partnership with the Red Sox Foundation and Mass General Hospital I was able to have access to the best possible care for TBI and PTSD and immediately benefited from the visit with a new understanding of my injuries and the impact it would have on the rest of my life.

This care is unlike anything a service member can receive. I want fellow veterans to continue to have access to the best possible medicine and that is why I humbly ask that you contribute to this organization and support my run on July 28th 2018. 

I will be running for a team called The Pilum Project . We are a health and wellness movement born from my desire to push my fellow veterans to keep pushing and fight on through whatever may be ailing us by maintaining our best physical and mental strength. I know how easy it can be to fall into an unhealthy lifestyle and want nothing more than to join in community with my brothers and sisters and battle through whatever is holding us back. My wife Sara, my biggest supporter, ran the Run to Home Base back in 2011 while I was deployed with no knowledge of the injuries I would be inflicted with. Also running with us will be our good friend, Maureen Chapman, who has run this event 5 other times in honor of me and in support of veterans. 

Thank you for listening to my story and also for your support. As someone who has benefited from this organization, allow me to tell you that they make a difference and are more than worthy of any donation you see fit. Semper Fi and God Bless. 

Help support our veterans by donating to my “Run to Home Base presented by New Balance“ race entry.

The 2018 RUN TO HOME BASE presented by New Balance is a unique and special event that celebrates our Military Heroes and raises necessary funds for Home Base, a partnership of the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital. The mission of Home Base is to heal the invisible wounds for Post-9/11 Veterans, Service Members and their Families, but we need your support.

Your support of Home Base will help to ensure that Veterans who served our country receive the clinical treatment they need and that their Families get the guidance and support they need.

Their Mission Is Complete. Ours Has Just Begun.  

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