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Hi there!

If you're here, it's most likely to donate to the Run to Home Base, which I've chosen to run this year. I wanted to run this one because I've always wanted to run on the field at Fenway (without spending a night in jail) but also because it means a great deal to me to help with the mental health of our returning soldiers. One of my close friends from high school served active duty in Iraq, doing 2 tours of duty, and in talking with him when he came home, I heard some truly awful stuff. He'd have night terrors about things that happened and anxiety over things we typically take for granted. He's since moved, and become very successful, but that time I spent with him has had a lasting impact, and I hope to help other veterans who suffer the same anxieties and issues that most folks wouldn't think about.

So please, help the Run to Home Base. Not so I can run around at Fenway Park, but so veterans can get the support they need.


- Mike

Help support our veterans by donating to my “Run to Home Base presented by New Balance“ race entry.

The 2018 RUN TO HOME BASE presented by New Balance is a unique and special event that celebrates our Military Heroes and raises necessary funds for Home Base, a partnership of the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital. The mission of Home Base is to heal the invisible wounds for Post-9/11 Veterans, Service Members and their Families, but we need your support.

Your support of Home Base will help to ensure that Veterans who served our country receive the clinical treatment they need and that their Families get the guidance and support they need.

Their Mission Is Complete. Ours Has Just Begun.  

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