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Erin Freda

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This year marks the 10 year anniversary of losing my dear friend and Army Specialist, Kevin Slein. In Kevin's honor and to support all veterans, active service members and their families, I will be running the Run to Home Base 9k. I have always wanted to participate in this race and raise money for this important organization and this year feels like the best time to take the leap and do it. Kevin was a decorated combat medic who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. When he returned home he suffered from PTSD, as unfortunately many of our service men and women do. I want to run this race to help those like Kevin get the assistance they need in order to thrive. 


People say that running is the time when they do their best thinking - I'm one of those people. And I often find, when I need some inspiration to keep going, that I think of Kevin. For those of you who never had the pleasure to meet him, Kevin was one of those people who just made you happier when he was around. He also had this ability to know when you needed him the most. And so on my runs where I'm struggling to keep going, I know he's there with me and pushing me along, just like he used to cheer for me at volleyball and softball games. Kevin holds a special place in my life and will forever be in my heart.


Thank you in advance for contributing to my fundraising effort and for supporting me as I train to run this race and cross home plate at Fenway Park.


Help support our veterans by donating to my ?Run to Home Base presented by New Balance? race entry.

The 2018 RUN TO HOME BASE presented by New Balance is a unique and special event that celebrates our Military Heroes and raises necessary funds for Home Base, a partnership of the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital. The mission of Home Base is to heal the invisible wounds for Post-9/11 Veterans, Service Members and their Families, but we need your support.

Your support of Home Base will help to ensure that Veterans who served our country receive the clinical treatment they need and that their Families get the guidance and support they need.

Their Mission Is Complete. Ours Has Just Begun.  

Donor Roll

Mr & Mrs Fred Orchard | Donated $250.00
Congratulations on an amazing run Erin and Thank You for keeping Kevin's memory alive.
Eunice Ann Gizzi | Donated $50.00
The Freda Family | Donated $100.00
The Morrissey?s of Nashua NH | Donated $25.00
In memory of Kevin Slein??
Margaret Slein Carlson | Donated $50.00
Kevin will be cheering you on as you run!
Mary Martin | Donated $25.00
Kevin is always on our minds!
Amanda Malin | Donated $20.00
Good Luck Erin!!
Rebecca Glynn | Donated $75.00
Kevin was one of my best friends and you?re right, he was, and still is always there when I need him. Happy running!
Autieri Family | Donated $50.00
Haerinck family | Donated $50.00
Happy Friday the 13th- it?s always been a good day since you passed the number on to me! Good luck!
Erin Carcia | Donated $25.00
Stephen Tolley | Donated $50.00
Lisa Sinclair | Donated $50.00
It is an honor to donate to such a worthy cause & in memory of such a special member of a special family
Patrick Golden | Donated $25.00
Kerry Baxter | Donated $50.00
Kate | Donated $25.00
So proud of you! 9k! You go girl!
Laura and Matt | Donated $30.00
So proud of you!
Anonymous | Donated $36.00
George & Melissa | Donated $30.00
Go, Erin! We're rooting for you!
Bristol Family | Donated $50.00
Christine | Donated $25.00
You Go Girl!!
Aunt Judy and Uncle Al | Donated $25.00
Good luck Erin! Great cause!!
Andrea Toochin | Donated $40.00
Brooke and Jean Calixte | Donated $25.00
Erin, we're go proud of you! Have fun and finish strong!
Anonymous | Donated $25.00
Helaine | Donated $50.00
Best of luck Erin!
Rita Hansen | Donated $25.00
Merri | Donated $25.00
Lions Club of Nashua NH General Fund | Donated $500.00
Roger Perkey | Donated $10.00
Laura Gavel | Donated $20.00
Ryan Travia | Donated $25.00
Katherine | Donated $25.00
Suzanne & David Nersessian | Donated $100.00
Anonymous | Donated $100.00
Good for you, Erin; such a lovely tribute!
Craig | Donated $25.00
Anonymous | Donated $25.00
Kae Deeb | Donated $25.00
Good Luck Erin
Anonymous | Donated $50.00
Laura Carfang | Donated $25.00
Have a wonderful run! Such a great cause! <3
Brigitte & Chris Freda | Donated $50.00
Good luck Erin!
Chief | Donated $50.00
Good luck- Great cause!
No Bear Crawls | Donated $20.00
Jacob Oppenheimer | Donated $25.00
Kate | Donated $30.00
Team Beitel | Donated $100.00
You rock!!!
Ann Holloran | Donated $30.00
Katie McGehearty | Donated $25.00
Beautiful tribute! Good luck Erin!
Scott, Maryann, Ian and Maggie McNeil | Donated $25.00
You make us proud in everything that you do!!
Charlotte & Jeff Richard | Donated $100.00
What a wonderful tribute!
To Remember is to Honor... | Donated $50.00
Adam Jilling | Donated $25.00
This is great Erin - thanks for doing it
Bonnie Shirley | Donated $25.00
What a great way to remember Kevin ??
Caitlin Slein | Donated $50.00
Thank you so much for honoring Kevin's memory in such a special way, Erin. He loved you so much! Your commitment to training, and running this race, will truly have an impact on so many people whose lives have been affected by PTSD. You are an amazing young woman!
Sharkey | Donated $40.00
Alison Moppett | Donated $50.00
Adam and Cindy Jilling | Donated $100.00
Love your tribute to Kevin. Thank you for honoring him in this most meaningful way.
Mark & Fran Hendrickson | Donated $100.00
So very proud of you.
Lynn Hendrickson | Donated $50.00
This is a wonderful tribute Erin. You are truly an inspiration!
John and Pam Bush | Donated $25.00
MaryEllen & Tom Bronson | Donated $100.00
God Bless Erin!
Mike and Bonnie Slein | Donated $100.00
Thank you Erin for your character and example to others.
Erin Freda | Donated $25.00